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Post  Admin on Fri Jun 24, 2011 2:55 pm

I mentioned I wanted to keep this fairly anonymous before, so if you have a problem having your name listed here, please let me know. Once people get signed up, I can keep it more discreet and just assign users points to their profiles and whatnot. For now, this board/post signifies a completed transaction displaying your purchased points for you to use freely on this site.

Current Member Points Yay-1

Relaxing Dragon: 1200pp
Brandon B.: 1200pp
Chris M.: 1200pp
Derpncheez: 600pp
Bradikadis: 1200pp
Kirk D.: 100pp
Trent K.: 1200pp
Northland Pony: 600pp
Fullmetaltigerflame: 1200pp

Total PP spent on current raffle: 8500


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