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Post  Admin on Fri Jun 24, 2011 2:50 pm

Because raffle tickets cannot be purchased via Paypal, you'll instead be buying virtual points which I will be posting/keeping track of personally and on the site. I'll be able to assign you points through this forum.

Points.. Let's call them Pony Points, and for every 100PP (lol, PP) you have, that's the same as $1. So, say a raffle comes up, and you'd wish to purchase tickets. Well, before you buy tickets, you'll need these handy little points. How do you get them? Send me a paypal payment for the amount you'd like--so if you'd like $10 worth of "tickets" you'd send a payment for that much and get 1000 points. I'm keeping the $5/$10 bonuses (1 and 2 respectively) so you'd get 600 points for $5 and 1200 points for $10.

Like I said, these points will be used for multiple things on the forums/site/DA page/whatever. If you purchase $5 worth of points, you'll have 600, and can put 500 of those into a raffle, and maybe save the last 100 for getting a cheaper commission. Note that I'm still able to straight up sell the commissioned ponies via paypal, but you can use your leftover points on here for discounts if you'd like, or go purely points..if for whatever reason that was most appealing to you..

I'll also have mini-contests and whatnot for bronies to win extra points, and some raffle/giveaway prizes will consist of points. That way if you put all your money/points into a raffle, you have a chance to get something back instead of the scary all-or-nothingness that most raffles have. Another "bonus" is that anyone that spends $10 worth in the raffle will receive 100 points back on the site whether they win or not. I will also have prizes for the top 5, though most likely 1st place is the only one getting a pony.

Again, this isn't 100% money involved. If you're poor or don't want to spend money or don't have the means to, I'll have random point giveaways as well as the elusive free pony giveaways for members. I want to try and have incentives/rewards for all categories of bronies, because friendship is magic.

How buying points works: Send a payment to eneha@paypal.com. Again, the conversion is 100 points = $1. Please have your title be your name, and the body of the message contain something along the lines of "for the purchase of ___ points, my email is eneha@live.com." Here's an example:

Title: Eneha
Message: Here's $5 for the purchase of 600 points; my email address is eneha@live.com!

Now hopefully this is dodging the obstacle well enough that paypal gets off my back--fingers crossed!


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