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Post  Admin on Fri Jun 24, 2011 3:15 pm

You can check here or the website page found here for availabilities. You're welcome to post requests and future commissions on the site, but I'll only be accepting a wave of 3 ponies at a time. Ask me for details about commissioning multiple ponies, if you're interested. :3

Spot 1: CLOSED! [Trixie + hat and cape, 100% completed]
Spot 2: CLOSED! [Pinkie Pie + telegram outfit, 100% completed]
Spot 3: CLOSED! [Applejack + gala dress, 100% completed]

First wave is complete besides a paint touch up on AJ, onto the next!

Spot 1: CLOSED! [Adult Scootaloo + Wonderbolt outfit, 95%]
Spot 2: CLOSED! [Dr. Whoof + screwdriver & scarf, 100%]
Spot 3: CLOSED! [Sitting Lyra, 80%]
Spot 4: CLOSED! [Derpy + mail & bag, 60%]
Spot 5: CLOSED! [Luna + rose necklace,60%]


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